sidewall vs. cap; polyurethane vs. ABS

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sidewall vs. cap; polyurethane vs. ABS

Postby lilcliffy » Wed May 16, 2018 7:47 am

So at some point- when my children are older- I will be planning big mountain ski trips again and looking for big mountain ski touring equipment.

At this point, the two ski manufacturers that I am most enamored with are Volie and G3.

Voile uses cap construction for their skis.

G3 uses sidewall construction and have recently started using polyurethane sidewalls. G3 has an excellent website- loaded with information and excellent videos. ... -sidewalls ... is-chatter

So- what do you think?

Sidewall vs. cap construction?

Polyurethane vs. ABS?
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Re: sidewall vs. cap; polyurethane vs. ABS

Postby Woodserson » Wed May 16, 2018 2:38 pm

Either one works for me. I love my Voile Skis. I love my Atomic Vantage 85s with their mostly sidewall-transfer-to-cap-in-tip-and-tail.

I used to think there was a difference in the 1990's, and maybe there was, but now I have a tough time discerning the performance advantages of either- they seem equal to me and no longer factor into my considerations when choosing a ski. Rocker profile, weight, and dimensions, by far influences my decisions.

Those are informative articles/vids, thanks

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